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Connect With Your Clients

In my personal experience and opinion, connexion is everything.
I once read on the Internet that you should keep your business a business, and not make it personal. This truly puzzled me, as my business is maybe the personal thing in my live, since I pour my soul into my work.
Long story short, don’t expect me to distance myself from my voice: this is me. Like it or not.
As a photographer, planner or art director, we are our businesses, we embody the values we want to be hired for. So if your personality turn off some clients, that’s fine! You only want to attract the clients that share your vision: this will ensure a striving business. This has been my mojo for the past 10 years.

My Communication Tools

So, as I was saying, there’s nothing better than having a personal connexion with clients. My favorite tools to bond with mine are Instagram and my weekly newsletters.

Instagram is a wonderful tool with a curated feed that I treat like my portfolio. One feature I pay particular attention to is the stories: it allows me to show who I am, what I do and why we would be a good fit.
When some treat their stories with highly edited imagery, I chose to display my life, with its highs and lows, and always with humor. If you met me in person, you’d recognize me; trust me when I say that it made a huge difference in my business! Clients came to me exactly for that reason: they wanted me to take their photos, but they also wanted to hang out with me.

But, and there is a big but, I learned the hard way that relying on Instagram only was dangerous. With ever-changing algorithms, my work and stories were not seen sometimes, even by my most enthusiastic followers. And don’t let me get started on the scare of having my IG account hacked and lost. This happens every day and is devastating for small businesses.

Growing tired and worried of experiencing significant business losses due to social media, I decided to start collecting my followers’ email addresses and launch weekly newsletters. I needed a direct connexion to my clients’ and being able to share more than a few hashtags.

I won’t lie I felt intimidated at first, afraid to run out of ideas and most importantly to start a time- consuming project.

My Newsletters Via Flodesk

When I say time-consuming it is because I am technically challenged, which makes me sound so old I know, but I was afraid I’d have to learn coding or rely on someone else which would be expensive. This is when I discovered FLODESK: I compared it to other popular newsletter systems but I got sold on it right away when I saw the beautiful pre made designs they offered.

If you follow me or have read my TONIC site review, you know how important design is to my brand. I needed a newsletter that would be super easy to launch but also matching my brand.

It literally takes 5 minutes to create a newsletter: it is a matter of drag and drop, copy and paste and Voila!

I got so many incredible feedback, new gigs and opportunities thanks to my newsletters, more than I expected.

Not convinced yet? Sign up to my newsletter to see exactly what I mean!

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