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Ohhhh branding. This word is used over and over again, don’t you think?
But what does it really mean?
For me branding is about your reputation. It’s what people think of you before they even meet you.

Years ago, it would be the impression you gave when meeting people, working with them and the feeling you left them with; feeling they would then share with their surroundings.
Nowadays, branding is how you are perceived, and that perception doesn’t have to be embedded within any sense of reality. Tricky, right?
Don’t we all have an urge to scream to any new client’s request “Trust me, I know you never met me, but I can do the job!”? I sure do! 

How To Get The Client’s Trust?

So, how can you convince your clients you can do the job and they can trust you? By having an impeccable online presence.

I decided very early on to invest in my website: and when I say invested I mean I invested my time because I used a template from Tonic for a fraction of the price of a custom website.
For a long time I was a one person company so it was very important for me to be able to keep my costs low but also to be able to do it all! 
I know this reality resonates with many entrepreneurs.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I am not tech savvy, so it was key to have a template with an easy drag and drop system while allowing me to customize my website to exactly match my vision.

Tonic Saved My Business

To be fair, Tonic templates were already pretty close to my vision, I just needed to tweak my site here and there to make it mine: a blend of Harper Bazaar and Parisian elegance, if you will!
My clients and I share the same love for Fashion magazines and clean aesthetics. Just by watching my site, they know how they will be treated and the experience they will have when hiring me.
My online presence is the first impression I give my clients and having a killer website was fundamental in my growth on the luxury market.

You should definitely check if Tonic is right for you: if you want an elevated branding and attract a clientele used to luxury brands, I have a feeling you will find the perfect match for you in the many templates Tonic offers.
And once you do, you will love how easy it is to implement your vision and most importantly, how you will be able to grow with it.
As my brand evolved (I hired an associate, I started an online boutique,…) I was able to adjust my website to grow with me and stay true to my brand.

Cherry on the cake: you can enjoy a 15% discount on any Tonic template when using the code AUDREYSENTME. How cool is that?

Don’t hesitate to send me your designed website, I cannot wait to see it.


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