The Perfect Parisienne Gift Guide

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Joyeux Noel! Merry Christmas!

If you are like me, you didn’t even start your Christmas shopping yet. I wish I could blame it on not having time, but this year it would be a lie. I am always excited to decorate my tree as soon as possible while blasting loud Christmas music and to think of the meal I will serve my guests. But the gifts are always the last thing on my to do list.

Thankfully with Internet, you can get this last minute shopping under control. So today is close to your last day to order incredible and thoughtful gifts to a “Parisienne Girl” at heart.

1. Dior Book // 2. Valentino Scarf // 3. Blazer Dress // 4. Trudon Candle // 5. Statement Bag // 6. Black Pumps // 7. Marble Charger // 8. Gold Bracelet // 9. T3 Micro Curler // 10. Silk Eye Mask // 11. Clutch Phone Case // 12. Eau de Parfum Set // 13. YSL Bag // 14. Gold Candle // 15. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Set // 16. Primrose Mirror // 17. Saint Laurent Rive Gauche

1. Dior Book

Not only will it looks amazing in your home but it will be your Fashion Bible when looking for inspiration. I love to go through my Fashion books once in a while when I need ideas for editorial shoots.

2. Always With My Scarf

Around my neck or on my purse to style my outfits, I never leave my home without a chic scarf.

3. Blazer Dress

The perfect intimate winter blazer dress for the parisienne look!

4. A Trudon Candle

If you follow me you know I adore candles. They are everywhere in my home. Not only they give this flattering light we all need ladies 🙂 but the smell makes me feel so peaceful.

5. A Statement Bag

I won’t lie, I found these Bottega Veneta bags a bit weird at first and now I WANT ONE. A statement accessory like a bag make a full outfit, and can even distract from a bad look.

6. Black Pumps

The shoes made oh so Iconic by a Princess. They are so chic and timeless.

7. Marble Charger

A Marble Charger to declutter your home and yet be useful. I am always running out of battery. Blame it on Instagram 😉 so I love it.

8. Gold Bracelet

I love a big bracelet, it turns a casual t-shirt into a trendy outfit. And recently all I wear is jeans and t-shirt so with this accessory I feel fancy!

9. T3 Micro Curler

It is the only look I know to do when it comes to my hair. The big curls. It makes me feel fabulous when I walk around with my hair bouncing around my face (in my mind the scene is in slow mo …) I love a big curler that will go quickly at high temperatures. My must have in my bathroom for sure!

10. Silk Eye Mask

I am a not a good sleeper. I have a hard time falling asleep and anything can wake me up including light. Eye mask makes a huge difference and the silk doesn’t crease my skin or hurt my eyelashes. And on a plane you will look cute!

11. Clutch Phone Case

I have a confession: my phone never leaves me, I even put it under my pillow at night. So I always have elegant cases to carry it so it looks chic and it is actually protected at anytime.

12. Eau de Parfum

Flower Bomb is not only smelling divinely but their bottle is a beautiful object in my bathroom. And I love the set: one stays home and the small one is always in my bag.

13. YSL Bag

My dream bag: so Parisienne!

Black, gold and Saint Laurent. You can’t be more French. And  I like to have my hands free so the chain on shoulder is perfect.

14. Gold Candle

If you follow my stories you know I am a lover for all types of candles, especially of there is gold somewhere. The subtle movement of the flame has a calming effect on me. So let’s say I need to lit many of them up lately!

15. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Set

Like any French I am not a huge fan of heavy make up. We like to keep it natural, glowy and to cultivate this “no make up, I just drink a lot of water” look. Of course it is a lie and choosing neutral colors like this lipstick makes all the difference.

16. Primrose Mirror

My Ultimate favorite things in my home: my gold mirror. My Paris apartment had an historic one glued to the wall I was sad to leave behind but this Anthropologie ones are perfect to replace it. I got a big one in my living room right where everybody can see it. A Statement piece in my Home!

17. Saint Laurent Rive Gauche

I have eyes on this beauty for a while now. On my Wish List for sure: perfect bag to walk around Paris but also bring to the beach restaurant for a more casual look.

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