The 10 Best Venues To Get Married In Paris

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It is easy to understand why Paris is so appealing to so many people considering a destination wedding.

The dream of Paris is real: the charm of the cobblestoned streets, the Iconic Eiffel Tower sparkling at night, the world acclaimed culinary experience, The French Kiss. … the list is long.

So if you decided to live your dream full on, you might be wondering where to get married in Paris.

There are many options, from intimate hotels to grand chateaux. If you want a wedding in an iconic hotel centrally located in Paris you might want to check the Ritz for its garden, the Shangri-La for its Historic Salon or the Hotel de Crillon for its terrasse with an incredible view.

Choosing a hotel allows you to also book rooms which can make the logistics easier as well as having their in-house team for catering or flowers for example.

That said I still strongly encourage you to book a planner and personalize your wedding as much as you want so it looks unique to you. 

You can also choose to get married in a Chateau right outside Paris to give your guests a truly Royal experience: a chateau will allow access to manicured gardens for your cocktail as well as fun surprises like fireworks.

It is rare to be able to sleep on-site so you can stay in the Parisian hotels and still get the Palace treatment. The best of both worlds! 

I will be listing here venues in Paris I love to photograph. Feel free to LET ME KNOW if you need help, I am always happy to help my couples connect with their dream venue and make sure they get the best treatment.

Ritz Paris

Why get married at the Ritz Paris ?

I think the answer is in the question. Getting married in one of the most beautiful palaces in Paris is the opportunity of a lifetime. Couples who decide to host their wedding at the Ritz usually love History and the prestige of having their celebration in one of the most iconic hotels in the world. In addition, the Ritz is also the only Palace with a garden; perfect for wedding ceremonies in the summer. The terraces can be fully privatized, offering a breathtaking view and it is ideal for photos, believe me.  They also have various Historic Salons with a discreet charm that will be perfect for a traditional and intimate wedding.

Getting married at the Ritz also means getting ready in a Ritz suite. Mark my words, you won’t regret it. Their spacious, golden and perfectly decorated rooms will leave you breathless. Getting ready is your moment, so make it as pleasant as possible. 

If you’re lucky, and I can help you increasing your chances of luck, since I can introduce you to the Ritz team when booking your room, you can get ready in my favorite suite, the one with the view of the magnificent Place Vendôme. 

How many guests can the Ritz accommodate for my wedding? 

The lounges can accommodate up to 130 seated guests or 500 guests for a cocktail reception, but they also have smaller salons that are perfect for elopements so if you prefer an intimate wedding or a grand wedding, the choice is yours. 

To accommodate your guests, the hotel has 71 rooms and 71 suites, including 15 prestige rooms. Enough to accommodate all of your guests, so no one will be jealous. 

What is the cost for a wedding at the Ritz Paris?

To get married at the Ritz, lounge rentals range from €1750 to €5000. For the privatization of the garden, the cost is €15000 per half day. These prices do not include catering and drinks.

Hotel de Crillon

Why getting married at the Hotel de Crillon?

If you dream of an intimate wedding but yet with a sublime decor, the Hotel de Crillon is the perfect place. Its historic Salon des Aigles offers a unique and incredible view of the sublime Place de la Concorde. 

Moreover, the palace is decorated in a mix of ancient and modern style, it will satisfy all tastes. The gilding and the crystal chandeliers perfectly match with the modern furniture in place… personally it is everything I like. 

You can party and dance in the Salons which is rare in an hotel in Paris, where partying is limited due to the proximity with the rooms.

Moreover, there is an access to the terrace which is always very appreciated by your guests to take fresh air while admiring the views of the Concorde and of the sparkling Eiffel Tower in the back. 

For the bride and the groom getting married, the Suites at the Hotel de Crillon are incredible, always decorated in a mix of ancient and modern style, obviously very spacious, and with a reputation of being like Parisian apartments.  There is one suite that I particularly like, because it has a terrace with an incredible view on the Place de la Concorde. You’ve probably seen it already in my blog post An Editorial Pre-Wedding Shoot At Hotel De Crillon

I’ll be happy to recommend you to the hotel so you can get ready in this suite, and believe me, it’s great for photos. 

How many guests can the Hotel de Crillon accommodate? 

The hotel has 3 lounges that can be privatized together or separately, and can accommodate a total of 100 guests. One of the lounges has a terrace with a view on the Place de la Concorde, offering a unique setting for your wedding. 

The hotel has 124 rooms, 36 suites and 10 signature suites, so all your guests can be accommodated in the hotel and fall straight into bed after a full night of dancing and celebrating love. 

Shangri-La Paris

Why getting married at the Shangri-La Paris?

The Shangri-La is one of the most beautiful palaces in Paris. With its French-Asian influences, this hotel has an extraordinary decor that will be the perfect setting for your wedding.
The Palace has several beautiful lounges with gilding and luxurious furniture, each with a terrace with an incredible view of Paris.

For the preparation of the future bride and groom, the hotel has magnificent suites of a royal modernity, with breathtaking views of Paris too. Wouldn’t you dream of getting ready with a view of the Eiffel Tower?

Contact me if you want to be introduce to the Shangri-La, for having some benefits booking and maybe you will have the chance to getting ready in one of the best suites!

How many guests can the Shangri-La accommodate? 

The elegant salons and ballrooms of the Shangri-La Hotel Paris is ideal for hosting a memorable wedding. The hotel has 3 salons that can be privatized together or separately and can accommodate a total of 500 guests, perfect for a wedding with a lot of guests. Plus the hotel has many terraces which can be privatized and offer a wonderful view on the Eiffel Tower.

The Palace offers 100 rooms including 36 suites, so don’t worry all your guests will be accounted for in the hotel.

What is the cost for a wedding at the Shangri-La Paris?

For the budget for a wedding at the Shangri-La, once again, it depends on the number of people, the privatization of the rooms, as well as the privatized lounges.
For a starting budget count €30000 (this is the price for 80 guests).

Opera Garnier

Why get married at the Opera Garnier in Paris?

Honestly? It doesn’t get more exclusive than that. You’ll win the “wedding of the year” award, no questions asked!
When you choose to have your dream destination wedding at the Opera Garnier in Paris, you choose to have a once in a lifetime experience. Trust me, it is one of the most incredible venues in Paris; and I know what I’m talking about! You will feel like you’re in a fairytale, like you are royalty. The design, the history, and the reputation of this venue talk for themselves. After all, this is the most important and beautiful day of the rest of your life, so why not go all the way and bet on a breathtaking location? Believe me, when I did this wedding (insert link to the post) at the Opera Garnier, the bride and groom as well as the guests did not stop having glitter in their eyes throughout the celebrations.

How many guests can the Opera Garnier accommodate?

The salons and foyers around the Grand Staircase can host up even 2,000 people for a cocktail wedding reception: we’re talking spectacular wedding reception here! It is quite unique to be able to host that many guests in one location as venues in Paris are quite small.
The grand hall calls for a long dinner table, and it can fit comfortably about 300 guests for the most high-end dinner.
The Rotonde du Glacier seats up to 100 people for dinner, and 200 in a cocktail-party setup; ideal numbers of guests for your luxury wedding.

From an entertainment perspective, the Opera Garnier in Paris being an opera house, you’d obviously be able to have your favorite artist perform your favorite songs, thanks to the Italian style auditorium with its 2,105 velvet covered seats.

What is the cost for a wedding at the Opera Garnier in Paris?

You think this would be the “one-million-dollar question”. But it’s not. To organize your own royal/magical wedding at the Opera Garnier, the French monument will have to close its doors to the public and be privatized for 12 or 24 hours, which will be charged. You will also have to respect certain guidelines to protect the building and its works of art. Other details will also have to be planned in order to comply with the requirements of this sumptuous place.
All in all, it’s safe to bet on a starting point of €200000 for a wedding at the Opera Garnier.

Musée Rodin

Why get married at the Musée Rodin Paris?

Have you ever imagined that getting married in an iconic museum was possible? This is what the Rodin Museum in Paris offers.
Located in the heart of Paris, this museum, which hosts the famous statue of the thinker of Rodin, gives you the possibility to say yes to your better half in an absolutely sumptuous setting.
The domain includes a typical 18th century Parisian mansion and three hectares of French gardens.
If you wish to book a luxurious and atypical French place, then the Musée Rodin is the place for you.

And as a photographer who already had the chance to photograph sumptuous weddings at this venue, I promise that is a wonderful setting for your wedding photos. And few people will be able to boast of having wedding pictures next to Rodin’s statues.

How many guests can the Musée Rodin accommodate?

The domain of the Rodin Museum includes 2 parts with different capacities for your wedding. First, there is the Hotel Biron which can accommodate up to 120 people for a cocktail party and 50 people for a seated dinner.
And then there are the large gardens which can accommodate from 1000 people for a dinner to 1500 people for a cocktail.
The Rodin Museum is therefore perfect for an intimate indoor wedding reception and a large outdoor wedding reception.

You must understand that sleeping at the Rodin Museum is impossible. But the domain being located in the heart of Paris, you won’t find any trouble to stay nearby. If you are looking for a luxury hotel I advise you to check my blog post on the subject.

What is the cost for a wedding at the Musée Rodin in Paris?

The cost of privatization varies depending on the parts you want to privatize. The price for the privatization of the Biron Hotel starts at €12000 and the price for the privatization of the gardens starts at €35000.
It is advisable to foresee at your expense a structure of reception and its appendices (catering office), the technical and logistic services, the expenses of reception.

Both can be privatized every day from 7:30 pm and on Monday all day.

Chateau Villette

Why getting married at Chateau Villette ?

Chateau Villette is a haven of peace and luxury. This venue has everything you need for a luxurious outdoor celebration, including seven suites and seven rooms for your loved ones, a pool for a next-day brunch or just a dip, an elegant ballroom in case of rain, a beautiful park with two lakes and a monumental fountain.
The Chateau has been recently renovated, so it combines the modernity of today with its original beauty. If you decide to book Chateau de Villette for your destination wedding in France, you will be the sole master of the place and will enjoy the flexible installation and party hours.

How many guests can the Chateau Villette accommodate?

The Chateau Villette is the perfect place to host an intimate wedding. In fact, the castle can accommodate up to 70 people. But I highly recommend this Chateau for a romantic elopement with your loved ones, or a wedding with 30 guests maximum to enjoy the beautiful surroundings with your closed friends and family.

What is the cost for a wedding at the Chateau Villette?

There are many options available and the final amount will depend on factors such as the number of guests, the length of the rental, whether you need rooms or not and whether you want full access to the property. For a one-day wedding without accommodations, you should budget between €10000 and €18000.

Chateau de Chantilly

Why getting married at Chateau de Chantilly ?

The Château de Chantilly is an actual royal wedding venue.
If you are celebrating your wedding at the Château de Chantilly, you are among the lucky ones this year.
The Chantilly castle is one of the most famous castles in France and getting married there is very prestigious and exclusive.
The Chantilly estate consists of a huge park, the castle, the royal stables and several independent buildings dedicated to events.
Getting married at Chantilly Castle also means getting ready at the castle. The interior is as wonderful as the exterior. The rooms are still decorated the way they were hundreds of years ago (combined with today’s comfort, of course) and there truly is a royal vibe to this place.
If you ever wanted to feel like a queen during your wedding, Chateau de Chantilly is absolutely the venue that you need.

How many guests can the Chateau de Chantilly accommodate?

Even though the property is huge, the maximum number of guests cannot exceed 150. Indeed, for the dinner it is recommended to have it in the Sylvie House, which cannot accommodate more guests, but which is more than enough to organize a large wedding.
It should also be taken into account that the Chateau de Chantilly does not offer accommodation within the castle, so it will be necessary to find accommodation in the surrounding area. There are two beautiful hotels near the chateau, the Tiara MontRoyal and the Auberge de Jeu de Paume, both 5-star properties.

What is the cost for a wedding at the Chateau de Chantilly?

For the privatization of the castle it is necessary to count between €3000 and €20000 the day and the same for the night. This is a fairly wide range, but it will depend on the parts privatized and the number of guests.
For example, the price of renting the nave of the Grandes Ecuries is €6500.

Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte

Why getting married at Chateau Vaux le Vicomte?

This exclusive venue only hosts a few events a year, what if it was your wedding? If you are dreaming of an opulent wedding near Paris, then the Chateau Vaux le Vicomte is the ideal venue. Its interior with period furniture and gilded details will give you the impression of getting married at the Chateau de Versailles.
Its acres of French gardens of incomparable luxury will give your wedding ceremony a royal touch.
Let me know if you want me to put you in touch with the Event manager, she is always happy to help the future brides and grooms.

How many guests can the Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte accommodate?

Inside, the number of guests varies according to the salons, but the Grand Salon can accommodate up to 250 guests. For the ceremony, I recommend that it takes place in the beautiful French gardens. But if you want an indoor ceremony, the ceremonial room, which has been restored to its former opulent architecture, is ideal for an intimate ceremony. You can also plan to have a tent in the garden to host more guests for your wedding at Château de Vaux le Vicomte.

How much does it cost to organize your wedding at Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte ?

The average budget of a wedding celebrated in Chateau Vaux le Vicomte is around €1million, a price fit for a royal and extravagant wedding.
Smaller weddings and parties are of course possible – and run in the €400000 ballpark.
Please note that rental fees start at €50000, and extras can be billed if you need more time for the installation.
The Chateau Vaux le Vicomte works with a limited number of high-end catering companies, and most them bill €350 to €500 per person.

Hotel le Marois-France Amériques

Why getting married at the Hotel le Marois-France Amériques?

Ideally located in the heart of Paris in the 8th arrondissement, this mansion is the ideal place for large weddings. This mansion is known to be an exceptional place in the center of the capital.
Its majestic grand staircase with a ceiling painted on the theme of the Apotheosis of Psyche is the perfect setting for your wedding photos. Decorated with antique furniture, marble and gilded touches, this luxurious mansion will give you the impression of getting married in one of the salons of Versailles.

How many guests can the Hotel le Marois-France Amériques accommodate?

With its 8 modular rooms, the mansion can accommodate up to 600 guests, enough to organize a very large wedding.
However, the hotel does not offer accommodation, so you will have to find a place to stay. But located in the center of Paris, a few steps from the Champs-Elysées, you will not have any trouble finding a hotel for you and your guests. I also invite you to read my blogpost on the 5 luxury hotels in Paris.

How much does it cost to organize your wedding at Hotel le Marois-France Amériques?

The hotel is entirely privatizable from 7am. The rental of the place starts from €5500 according to the reserved space, it is also necessary to count €190 for the menu by guest.

Petit Palais

Why getting married at the Petit Palais?

Located in the heart of Paris and next to the Grand Palais, the Petit Palais de Paris, although small in name, is large in its splendor. It is a place that hosts many events throughout the year such as fashion shows or art exhibitions, and could also host your wedding.
The Petit Palais is a museum that holds the best of French art and a range of luxurious furniture.
The entrance is nothing short of majestic, with two grand staircases leading to the upper levels.
It is an exceptional and luxurious place that will be a magnificent venue for your wedding.

How many guests can the Petit Palais accommodate?

The Petit Palais is ideal for opulent weddings.
If the weather is with you, I advise you to have the cocktail party outside and the dinner inside in the Grand Salon which can accommodate up to 350 guests.

Please note that the Petit Palais does not offer sleeping accommodations, you will have to find a place to stay. Being located in the heart of the capital, you will not have any trouble finding accommodation for you and your guests. I also invite you to read my blogpost on the 5 luxury hotels in Paris.

How much does it cost to organize your wedding at the Petit Palais?

The rental of the Petit Palais depends on the spaces privatized and the number of guests. Prices start at €1500 for a 2 hour privatization and can go up to €1500 per additional hour. I advise you to consult their brochure for more information.

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