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One way of spotting a French woman in the street: her skin. 

Culturally, we’re told very early on to look after our beloved face.

When it comes to makeup, we’re actually the opposite of our skincare regimen: less is more. French women aren’t known for putting on full faces of makeup, for contouring their features, or even baking ( baking should only be done to the kitchen, not on your face)… But I will come back with another post about French girls and make up.

 We pretty much work with what we’ve got! 

What French and Parisians are after is easy: a fresh, glowing, natural-looking face. It is not so much about wrinkles but how clear our skin is.

However, and this is something we’ll never admit, we are hooked on skincare products. We might blame our invisible pores on the long nights of sleep we’re getting or the hot water with a splash of lemon we supposedly drink in the morning, but alas this would be a lie: we look after our skin the same way bakers look at their sourdough proofing: nothing is ever too much, too unnecessary, too experimental.

 Especially since we grab our must-haves from our local pharmacies! If you step in any french pharmacy you see walls of skin care products. We trust this medical approach more than beauty brands starting skincare lotions on the side with the help of heavy marketing campaigns, ambassadors and false promises.

 Honestly, it can’t get any easier.

Since all my clients have asked me about my skincare routine when meeting me in person, and I don’t get to brag about Parisian pampering with brides at the moment, I thought I’d share with you a list of a few of my favorite products.

And you can find them all on the BOUTIQUE.

Disclaimer: this is my personal beauty routine, we all have different needs of course. I am just sharing here what have been working for me. Besides the yearly Botox session of course 😉 let’s not pretend only “hot water with lemon and meditation” can do the trick forever…

1. Cleanser

My go-to face cleanser. 

2. Face Scrub

Best scrub! However, not for the sensitive skin. It does gets you the “baby soft,” for sure!

3. Brightening Serum

Serums are amazing to fights spots that ages your face.

4. Smoothing Eye Masks

Best eye mask to look refresh, even after a flight!

5. Face Serum

Vitamin C to wake up my skin.

6. Moisturizer

Best moisturizer ever! It is made of water, can’t be purer than that.

7. Self Tan Drops

Once  a week, because it doesn’t hurt to pretend you are back from the beach 😉

8. Eye Serum

My Greek dad gave me the best heritage: dark circle. So I massage my eyes every night with this serum.

9. Retinol

Retinol forever!  Au revoir dull skin!

10. Exfoliating Facial

Each Sunday I do this mask. It burns, it hurts, but it must works!

11. Repairing Balm

To restore my face after a strong peeling or a sunburn.

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