Elegant Wedding in Aix en Provence: your Guide to getting married in Provence

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Plan your Wedding in Provence

You just got engaged and are already starting to plan your wedding. Congrats and good luck!

There are so many options and incredible venues in France, it will be challenging to choose.

France has so much to offer when it comes to regions and style.

The last time we mentioned different options in Paris for your wedding and elopement.

Today I will tell you more about a region that is close to my heart: Provence of course!

Your wedding in Provence: what to know about the region

Where is Provence in France ?

Provence is in the South of France in between Marseille and Avignon roughly, the Luberon and Alpilles being the most popular areas. 

It is one of the most beautiful regions of France. Getting married in Provence will mean you will be surrounded by quaint villages, iconic lavender fields, incredible markets where French gastronomy is still strongly present and charming rides in between villages.

Your wedding in Provence will be the perfect choice if you want to blend a luxury experience and the charm of France.

How to get to my wedding in Provence : transportation options

France is a pretty small country so you can reach Provence from Paris relatively fast: either a 3 hour train ride to Avignon or an one hour flight to Marseille. You could also fly to Nice on the French Riviera to make it a mini road trip before reaching your wedding venue in Provence. 

Locally, renting a car will be most convenient for you and your guests as taxis and Ubers are rare in the local villages.

What will be the weather for your wedding in Provence ?

The wedding season is usually from May to September included and this is the region of France with the best weather. July and August can actually be quite hot and dry.

Lavender fields are in full bloom from mid June to mid July and you will be amazed by their sprawling beauty all over the region. There is nothing more romantic for your wedding in Provence.

If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour, and because it can be hot during the summer, I would recommend checking sunset time and adjusting your timing accordingly so as not to stay out during the hottest hours. A cool breeze will feel lovely in an outdoor setting but be mindful that wind can also challenging for your décor so think of it when planning to use place cards or elevated floral compositions.

What to wear to a wedding in Provence

As a bride, you know my answer : have fun with Fashion.  Provence having more of a country vibe does not mean you should only go boheme. Like with these photos, you can go the Couture route and wear a statement dress. It is also very common to change your dress after dinner so you can enjoy two looks.

As a guest, remember it will certainly be hot so keep that in mind. And remember to bring a back up pair of cute flats as there are many cobblestones villages around Provence.

Let me give you some inspiration for your wedding in Provence. Here some of my favorite products.

Inspiration for her

Why should I celebrate my wedding in Provence?

Why should I celebrate my wedding in Provence ?

So many reasons come to my mind to give you an unbiased reason. But it is challenging as they are so many.

The weather is the safest in France, you can count on blue skies and bright sun which is, let’s be honest, the ideal scenario.

Not only will it be sunny but you will hear the cicadas sing until sunset, giving a natural chilling vibe to any event.

Most importantly they are so many incredible wedding venues in Provence: you can find Villas, Mas, Chateaux and even some Hotel Particulier like today at Hotel de Caumont, right in the city center of Aix en Provence.

For a destination wedding, Provence is perfect because it allows you to give a full experience to your guests from a Welcome picnic in a Lavender field to a Day After Brunch by a pool.

As for your Provence couple photos, can you think of something more romantic than being surrounded by blooming lavender at sunset? You can see HERE an example of the shoot in the lavender fields in Provence

Can I get married in Provence ?

Kind of. For a legally binding wedding in Provence as a foreigner, you must stay in the country for more than 30 days prior to the ceremony. Of course if you can’t (but you should in my opinion ah ah, best excuse to move to France for a month), it is very common to have a symbolic ceremony and make it legal once you are back home.

How to plan my Wedding in Provence ?

Book a planner for your wedding in Provence

I won’t stress enough how important hiring a planner is. Big or small, your wedding in Provence will still require some logistics. You won’t be in a city center with everything on site, a wedding in Provence will require some transformation, installation, transportation, …Trust me when I say hiring a planner will be a decision you won’t regret.

Where can my guests stay for my Wedding in Provence ?

Many wedding venues in Provence have accommodations. You can also rent villas and Airbnb around or have your guests stay in hotels. Provence has many quaint villages but yet it is very touristy so don’t worry you will find many options to accommodate your guests.

Bring the French Gastronomy to your Wedding in Provence

I will be surprised if you choose France to get married and don’t value food. I might be biased because I am French and I am so passionate about food but this is an experience I feel you want to share with your guests. Being a dessert buffet, a cake or some incredible Provence specialties, you will want to indulge in all the incredible local food France has to offer.

Rent a classic car for your Wedding in Provence

With its quaint 60s vibe, a wedding ceremony in charming Provence will make you feel like you’re in a classic Hollywood movie. Renting a classic car for your arrival at the ceremony and couple photos will make you look like Hollywood stars: it can be a nice touch to add to your wedding in Provence.

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