Romantic Wedding Photos in Paris

Paris_Photographer_elopement_Wedding_France_Le_secret_d_audrey_1 (2)Paris_Photographer_elopement_Wedding_France_Le_secret_d_audrey_1 (14)Paris_Photographer_elopement_Wedding_France_Le_secret_d_audrey_1 (5)Paris_Photographer_elopement_Wedding_France_Le_secret_d_audrey_1 (7)Le Secret d Audrey Photographer in Paris Wedding Engagement Elopement_1166Le Secret d Audrey Photographer in Paris Wedding Engagement Elopement_1165Paris_Photographer_elopement_Wedding_France_Le_secret_d_audrey_1 (11)Paris_Photographer_elopement_Wedding_France_Le_secret_d_audrey_1 (4)Paris_Photographer_elopement_Wedding_France_Le_secret_d_audrey_1 (13)Paris_Photographer_elopement_Wedding_France_Le_secret_d_audrey_1 (9)Paris_Photographer_elopement_Wedding_France_Le_secret_d_audrey_1 (6)Paris_Photographer_elopement_Wedding_France_Le_secret_d_audrey_1 (12)Paris_Photographer_elopement_Wedding_France_Le_secret_d_audrey_1 (3)Paris_Photographer_elopement_Wedding_France_Le_secret_d_audrey_1 (10)Paris_Photographer_elopement_Wedding_France_Le_secret_d_audrey_1 (8)What happen when you surround yourself with the best wedding vendors in Paris? A romantic inspiration photo shoot that you dreamed of for so long. I have been a photographer in Paris for many years and slowy but surely build a network of amazing talents in Paris that I trust. It is an amazing feeling to work with such dedicated people. The flowers of Lily Paloma were absolutely stunning and fitted perfectly the romantic feel of the Galia Lahav wedding gown, flowing in the wind that day. I am a huge fan of classic calligraphy and Joy did again a perfect job: even the paper she chose was delicate.

Gown by GALIA LAHAV, Flowers by LILY PALOMA, Calligraphy by JOY of STUDIO FRENCH BLUE , Hair and Make Up by SANNI SORMA Film Lab CARMENCITA

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