An Intimate Wedding in Paris. All about flowers and Cake

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“We have attended, and were part of, a lot of weddings, and knew that although the celebrations were beautiful, it was not for us. We wanted to invest our time and money on creating new memories and adventures together, and not on things such as flower arrangements, guest list and table seating. As such, we made the decision to have a private ceremony, and then host an intimate celebration with our immediate family afterwards.
Last summer, we traveled to Europe for the first time and fell in love with it’s charm, relaxed pace, beautiful streets, history and people. We were both burned out from work and knew Europe was just what we needed & where we want to have our intimate ceremony. So, we decided to return to Europe this summer, but to a new destination: Paris! Another reason why we chose Paris was that I wanted Audrey to be our wedding photographer. I came across Audrey’s editorial, romantic and breathing-taking photos on Instagram when I was researching wedding ideas, and fell in love with her artistic, storytelling perspective.
Honestly, we found most of our inspiration for the day from Audrey’s Instagram page as she has worked with so many talented wedding planners, and the couples in her photos looks so effortlessly happy and beautiful. My tips for brides would be to keep the details and agenda for the day simple. As long as you have a great venue (for us it was the streets of Paris!) and found professionals you trust, like we did with Audrey, the rest will fall into place. If your photo shoot is on a different day than your reception (like ours was), then I would highly recommend ending the day-long photography session with dinner at a chic and romantic restaurant. Audrey recommended and planned this for us. It ended up being the perfect way to wrap up our special day together!”

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